Advertising screens

Positive experience during shopping

Point of sale, i.e. the moment when a customer meets a product, verifies the efforts linked to product lunch. In a point of sale we make about 80% of purchase decisions. In order to fully seize the opportunities in a point of sale, sellers improve communication around both the product and the point of sale. There are numerous advertising, visual and promotional opportunities, whose aim is to increase positive experience during shopping.



Advertising screens help engage customers visually and provide useful information.


In order to attract customers, advertising screens may be presented outside the shop area.


Advertising screens which harmonize with other means of communication in a shop help increase attractiveness in the facility.

Our Advertising screens

Popular sizes produced:

32”, 43”, 49’’, 55’’, 65’’, 75’’, 85’’, 98’’

When building your own network of advertising media you need to take numerous important parameters of advertising screens into consideration. These are e.g. appropriate brightness (from 300 cd to 2500 cd), work mode (16/7 or 24/7), viewing angles, built-in viewing schedules and manufacturer’s warranty.


300 – 2500 cd

Popular producers have advertising screens with 300-2500 cd brightness parameter. Localscreens recommends at least 400 cd in case of indoor installations, 700 cd for outdoor installations, where the screen is observed from a large distances and 2500 cd if we want the advertising message to be sent outside the building.
You need to remember that the brighter the screen the larger is its price.

Work Mode

16h lub 24h

This parameter has an important impact on a lifespan of an advertising screen. If your shop is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, you need to install a screen with 24h/7 parameter. It will protect the screen from premature wear. In case your screen will not be that exploited, we recommend screens with 16h/7 parameter.


Miniplayer is ready to use; you do not have to install anything. It runs on Windows 10 platform.

Advertising Monitor

Connect fully configured Miniplayer to any advertising monitor or TV set.

DS Software

Log in to the admin panel and manage your screen. It is easy and requires little time.

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