Digital Signage in retail

Use digital signage for in-store promotions. Digital screens near product displays can upsell and cross-sell by telling customers about alternative or additional products.

Helloscreens lets you easily create content and display special offers or other actionable information.

Say hello and much more  by digital signage screens

Increase traffic

Just one advertising display in a supermarket, placed in a relevant thematic zone, increases traffic and attracts the customer’s attention

Promote products

The advertising screen can be used to promote a given product in the appropriate section

Easy installation

Installation is possible anywhere

Content schedule

Advertising monitors turn on automatically according to the store’s working hours.

Costs reduction

Save money and reduce cost of changing poster

Connect social media

Connect social media to your digital signage system to share content from Instagram or Youtube

Advertising screens in any zone

Queuing system

Minimize queues in your store thanks to advertising screens! Limit staff involvement – the process is automatic and does not interfere with the cash register system


Menu boards are an effective solution for updating prices, products and promotions. The system for quick price changes allows you to update the online offer even several times a day. You can easily reduce the cost of changing posters with digital media, without the participation of graphic designers and IT specialists


The advertising stand has shelves on which you can place a thematic group of products to distinguish them from the others or, for example, leaflets. The advertising stand can be located anywhere, and thanks to the variety and the possibility of complete personalization of the shapes and materials it is made of, it will perfectly fit into the store space.


Digital signage screens can be also used for interior decoration requirements. By adjusting the display to the vibe of your place, you will get an excellent, modern garnishment.

Our Solution

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Customer experience screens

Screens that drive your sales and create engagement. Take control over your content, send updates to screens in any location and connect more channels.

Workplace communication

Screens that connect your employees to the important information and drive higher employee productivity. Create communications at global and local level.

Screen network management

Screens that give you flexibility to scale and empower you to innovate. Take control, no matter how many screens you have. Without and IT!

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