Display window matters

Storefront window- regardless of whether in a busy street or shopping mall – is the first element that a customer sees. Well-designed allows to stand out among a number of neighbors and effectively encourage to enter the sales room. To achieve this goal, it is worth equipping your display window with an advertising screen. Dynamic, glowing content attracts the attention of every passer-by.

Replace posters with screens

  • Dynamic content attracts the attention of a passers-by
  • A quick way of updating content
  • A glowing message attracts customer’s attention
  • No logistics costs
  • Full control and preview of the displayed material

Vertical or horizontal?

When we think of a screen for a display window, we want to replace a traditional poster with it. Most posters are printed vertically and this appears to be the most attractive format for presentation in a display window. In case of fashion content, we advise vertical installations, but when we want to convey a textual form, a more natural way is to present it horizontally. Of course, there is no only proper solution, the choice is yours!

Screen size

A larger screen is simply more visible. The advertising monitor in a display window must attract attention, so we shouldn’t consider purchasing a device smaller than 49”.

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