digital signage

What is a Digital Signage System?

Digital signage has become something of a buzzword lately. Not only in the marketing and advertising world, but in all kinds of workplaces and organizations around the world. But what exactly is it?

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Benefits of Digital Signage for Retailers

The advice in this article goes for any kind of retail location. This could be a store, but it could also be a shopping center, sports venue, museum, zoo, hospital gift shop, hair salon or spa in a hotel, conference center, cinema, concert venue, theater, public or private library, or a university bookstore – these are all spaces that benefit from using digital signage for retailers.

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5 Tips on how to choose a Digital Signage screen

The choice of the screen will not be tough if we follow a few rules. In this article, I will stress the most essential issues which will help you choose the right option.

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