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Manage your screens and grow your business

Franchised businesses have a challenging task of maintaining brand consistency and quality of content across their network of locations. Helloscreens lets your business grow, helps you to schedule your content, allows building libraries of your images and video content keeping  everything organized. Investing in digital signage allows you to spend less money on printing signs that quickly become outdated.

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Leave a lasting impression

Recent research found that of those who saw digital signage, 71% said they felt that advertising on digital billboards stood out more than online ads and traditional posters. Also digital signage drives people to take action in a way that static signage can’t compete with.

Powerful analytics to make right decision

Using a smart digital signage system can give you all the relevant insights – you can check which products / services are most searched at the time and adjust your sales strategy accordingly.

Keep everything on-brand

Templates keep all departmental announcements on-brand and ensure that you always have perfect formatting on screens of any size and orientation.

Automate your content

Helloscreens lets you easily create content and integrate tools and applications to your digital signage system.

Create content

It takes less than an hour to create your first material. You can choose from an existing menu board templates or design your own. You can also outsource it to a graphic designer.

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Custom integrations

Our list of apps helps you easily add live feeds to your screens in just a few clicks. You can integrate data, tools and apps with your digital signage system.

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Reach the flexibility

Digital screens are extremely flexible. The content or the price can be changed easily and quickly in less than one minute. This makes them ideal for promoting daily specials or short-term updates such as “buy a cup of coffee and get a free croissant between 9:00 am and 11:00 am”.

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Engage your audience

Display you special offers, promotions or other actionable information. Experiment easily with digital ads, decide which certain ads work best at certain times of day and have control over your stores’ appearance.

Digital Signage: The Franchisee’s Best Friend

Digital display advertising aligns perfectly with your goals of catching consumers’ attention, delivering relevant information and promoting your products.

Centralized in the cloud

Your content is centralised into one easy to use platform accessible from anywhere. You can easily upload your new content once and distribute  it across the entire franchise in just one minute.

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Easy scheduling and management

Remotely manage hundreds of screens from your PC or phone to set different content schedules to target the right viewers, at the right time. You can also plan content for months in advance!

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Up-sell and cross-sell instantly

You can easily inform your customers about your products and discounts. Eye-catching, dynamic content informs them about it at the right time!

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Flexibility to scale

Digital signage lets you manage your screens and grow your business. Create automated, on-premise social media marketing, repurpose existing content, share your promotions and provide customer-facing entertainment.

Multi-platform capabilities

Having multi-platform capabilities provides your brand room to grow. You can reach more audiences and easily repurpose your content.

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List of integrations

From weather and football match results to menuboards and impressive campaigns – helloscreens provide integrations that make a connection between your digital signage and your customers.

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Granular permissions

You can easily share access to your screen network with the right people, thanks to different roles – from admin to editor.

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Connect your employees to the information that matters, using all of the tools and workflows you already use.

Create and share screen content more easily than ever before

Connect your employees to the information that matters, using all of the tools and workflows you already use.

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Discover how helloscreens let’s improve employee communication and collaboration in the workplace environment.

Engage your employees

Discover how helloscreens let’s you increase the impact of your products and share more content to screens in real time.

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