Helloscreens Software

Software pricing


Typical usage for small andlarge organizations

7.99 / month

for each screen

Get started
  • Upload Image, Video, Audio and Document Files
  • Use Live Streams, YouTube and Web Pages
  • Free Stock Images & Videos
  • Screen Layouts with Zones/Regions
  • Playlists
  • Overlays


Best for users with a lotof content

9.99 / month

for each screen

Get started
  • Everything in Standard +
  • Sub-Playlists
  • Tag-based Playlists
  • Playback Reports (Proof of play)
  • Volume Schedules


Enterprise-grade securityand control

12.99 / month

for each screen

Get started
  • Everything in Pro +
  • Granular Access Control with Workspaces
  • Custom User Roles
  • Single Sign-on (SAML)
  • Login IP & Password Restrictions
  • Player Secure Lockdown
  • Player Storage Encryption
  • Audit Logs

How does it work?

  • You receive a pre-programmed player with a login and password to the Studio panel. You may also install the software on your own player with Windows 10 OS.
  • You connect the player to the Internet and to the monitor.
  • On your computer, you log into the Studio’s Content Management System (Log in to Studio tab on our website).
  • You use the software and manage the monitor.

Active sales support

  • Manage your digital signage screens network online
  • Upload movies, photos, create promotions in less than a minute
  • Engage customers, encourage them to buy

Book a 20 minute free consultation with one of our digital signage experts.

During your digital signage consultation, we’ll:
  • help you figure out the best solutions for your business
  • find The most suitable and affordable hardware options for your business
  • work out a customise software that will fit with your needs and your budget on a long-term basis
  • Give you more information about all the possibilities that are available to you