Digital Signage menu boards

Digital signage is a great tool for restaurants! Used as menu boards, catches your customer’s attention in a much more effective way, than a traditional swing sign. Remotely operated screens are especially useful for their flexibility. They create you a possibility of adjusting displayed offers to the daytime

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Digital signage screens are great in fulfilling communication functions. Any essential technical or organisational pieces of information you need to convey to the members can be displayed on the screen.

Customize your offers

Thanks to remotely operated menu boards, you are able to adjust your sets and promotions to the specific daytime. It also makes customer’s choices easier.

Relieve your service

If you are running out of some products or meals, you have a great platform to inform about it, and suggest something else from the menu. This move will simplify the service’s job.

Create sets!

Offers like “sandwich and coffee for 15 pln” shown on the appetizing display are very inviting solutions for customers, moreover, your sales are growing!

Education platform

Put a content referring to gluten or lactose free meals in your restaurant on the screen, customers with intolerances and allergies will definitely appreciate this.

Create a community

Digital signage is a great platform for promoting your social media channels, sharing photos or videos with your customers.

Advertising screens in any zone

Fast food menu board

Great solution for demonstrating sets, current offers and exposing appetizing photos of the meal. There is a possibility to adjusting your content due to specific daytime, it makes customer’s choices and purchases easier, what is more- faste

Café menu board

Very effective way of showing your offers to everyone. You are also able to expose the dependence of milk, coffee, and the rest of the components used in your drinks. Many customers do not understand the official nomenclature like mocha or flat white. Now, there is a great platform to educate them!

Ice cream shop

In ice cream parlors, by digital signage platform, you are able to use a cross-selling strategy, Besides display about flavor, suggest a sweet wafer, sprinkles, or even coffee. Creating sets in this kind of gastronomy place is also recommended


Digital signage screens can be also used for interior decoration requirements. By adjusting the display to the vibe of your place, you will get an excellent, modern garnishment.

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