Digital signage for the franchise owners

Digital display advertising aligns perfectly with your goals of catching consumers’ attention, delivering relevant information and promoting your products. Lead your content consistently, from one platform.

Centralized in the cloud

Centralized in the cloud

Your content is centralized into one easy to use platform accessible from anywhere. You can easily upload your new content once and distribute it across the entire franchise in just one minute.

Easy scheduling and management

Remotely manage hundreds of screens from your PC or phone to set different content schedules to target the right viewers, at the right time. You can also plan content for months in advance!

Up-sell and cross-sell instantly

You can easily inform your customers about your products and discounts. Eye-catching, dynamic content informs them about it at the right time!

A feast for the eyes

Upgrade your display with images and videos – all of this in the highest quality, with a vivid colour scheme.

Improve customers experience

Information, promotion or any other content on the screen is much more transparent and pleasant for the eye than the traditional version.

Create community

Display your social media channels to connect with people. Let them get to know the brand’s values and politics.

Digital Signage in education

Multi-platform capabilities

Having multi-platform capabilities provides your brand room to grow. You can reach more audiences and easily repurpose your content.

List of integrations

From weather and football match results to menu boards and impressive campaigns – helloscreens provide integrations that make a connection between your digital signage and your customers.

Granular permissions

You can easily share access to your screen network with the right people, thanks to different roles – from admin to editor

Deploy a consistent content

Thanks to easy management, you are able to keep your display cohesive in all over the chain stores!

Our Solution

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Customer experience screens

Screens that drive your sales and create engagement. Take control over your content, send updates to screens in any location and connect more channels.

Workplace communication

Screens that connect your employees to the important information and drive higher employee productivity. Create communications at global and local level.

Screen network management

Screens that give you flexibility to scale and empower you to innovate. Take control, no matter how many screens you have. Without and IT!

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