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Digital signage can be referred to as a digital display device that allows you to broadcast messages in stores and shopping malls through advertising displays. Programming content can be modified according to the needs of the company and the time of day or month in which we are. It allows prioritizing certain sales, products or services over others.


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Centralised in the cloud

keep doing unbelievable things with self-explanatory tools.

utilize the potential of your screen fully thanks to the digital signage system. Display attractive dashboards. Entertain or educate people by the slides. Make corrections remotely, from any place. Adjust the content to your needs, then watch how technology works wonders!

Using advertising monitors is easier than you think

Load the graphic file

Using a phone or computer, upload a ready graphic file, presentations, pdf or make minor changes

Drag the file to the screen

Drag the file to the appropriate screen, the system does the rest

Dynamic images

Display dynamic content from anywhere. You can also integrate or easily schedule content for the next few days or months. Capture your customers’ attention with dynamic images

Centralised in the cloud

Advertising screens

We offer professional advertising screens ready to work 24/7.We provide the appropriate fixtures and hardware installation. On request, we create advertisements, manage a network of monitors and service the equipment.

Menu boards

It’s nothing more than a few advertising screens hung next to each other, usually on the wall or suspended from the ceiling. The monitors seem to be combined into one screen. Each of them is controlled remotely, from anywhere with online access, using an easy-to-use administration panel.

Shop windows

Digital window displays, allow you to make your shop window unique and draw the attention of your customers or passers-by, but also to highlight offers and services in a modern and dynamic way

Video walls

Video walls consist of multiple monitors tiled together to form one large screen. With video walls you can deliver engaging multimedia presentations and create a high-impact digital canvas to reinforce brand identity and welcome visitors.

Advertising totems

Advertising totems are one of the visual communication supports that offers the greater visual impact. They successfully support any promotional campaign and brand marketing communication in shops, offices and customer service points.

LED screens

LED screens are a modern form of advertising based on innovative lighting solutions. They are suitable for use in very bright environments: outside, windows, bright atriums. Also the use of indoor LED displays improves the shopping experience.

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