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compatibility & flexibility

the system is interoperable with diverse types of screens. You can try it on devices like little pos monitors and the LED wall – both with captivating effects!

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Create your content, plan the schedule of the display, arrange it in an appropriate order, or lead your management – everything remotely, and by one platform!

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Customer experience screens

Screens that drive your sales and create engagement. Take control over your content, send updates to screens in any location and connect more channels.

Workplace communication

Screens that connect your employees to the important information and drive higher employee productivity. Create communications at global and local level.

Screen network management

Screens that give you flexibility to scale and empower you to innovate. Take control, no matter how many screens you have. Without and IT!

Centralised in the cloud

keep doing unbelievable things with self-explanatory tools.

utilize the potential of your screen fully thanks to the digital signage system. Display attractive dashboards. Entertain or educate people by the slides. Make corrections remotely, from any place. Adjust the content to your needs, then watch how technology works wonders!

Digital signage for every sector?

Advantages that accrue from using digital signage are very catholic and all-purpose. Many aspects of this tool will be useful in many industries, such as

  • content and schedule creating
  • up-to-date pieces of information
  • real-time changes
  • remote management system
  • common platform for workers

Stand out from the crowd

The main question during creating any content currently, is: how to break through, become perceived or maybe even remembered? Big screens with vivid colours, shown in high resolution are great tools to make it happen, they will always be noticed by the society of visualizers. Displays that can be changed in real-time and are repeated are an amazing idea, for aims like:

  • tighten the community
  • spread the information
  • share the society campaign
  • advertise your product or brand
  • entertain and educate the passers-by
  • ramp up the sale

Centralised in the cloud


Keep the customers informed, educated and entertained! Digital signage can fulfil a function of a digital schedule, by this platform you can promote your new activity groups or display motivation content!


Use digital signage for in-store promotions. Digital screens near product displays can upsell and cross-sell by telling customers about alternative or additional products.
Helloscreens lets you easily create content and display special offers or other actionable information.


Digital signage screens used as menu boards, catch your customer’s attention in a much more effective way, than a traditional swing sign. Remotely operated screens are especially useful for their flexibility. They create you a possibility of adjusting displayed offers to the daytime


Upgrade service in the healthcare sector by digital signage system! Display informational, educational, organizational content, (and more!) on one platform. Create a new face of healthcare facilities!


Digital signage is an excellent solution for hotels due to its multitasking. You can adjust them to any room it will be located. It will work out in many fields, such as decoration function, communication with guests or service and information panel.


Create a great learning environment by increasing the quality of communication in your school or university by equipping the school with digital signage screens.

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