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Collaborative design workflow reinvented and simplified

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LED Display Screen JW-OB220B

  • Public transport monitor
  • Different sizes of monitors
  • Full HD resolution
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Why we?

Pixel Perfect

Uncode Theme is ultra professional, smooth with a clean layout.

Adaptive Images

The Adaptive Images detects your visitor’s device screens size.

Page Builder

Uncode runs an enhanced version of WPBakery Page Builder.

Grid System

An innovative grid system that pushes layouts to the cutting edge.

Unpaired Flexibility

Building layouts has never been easier with 70+ ready homepages.

Dedicated Support

If you have any needs just open a support request in our Help Center.


Player + Software Set

Design better, faster, and more collaboratively with real-time, in-browser design collaboration and presentation tools.

  • Connect Player to a screen or a TV set and Internet.
  • Turn the Player and the screen on.
  • Log into the admin panel on our website.
  • Manage your screen online from anywhere.
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Digital signage - what is it?

Digital signage is literally translated as digitization of characters, that is, replacing standard advertising and information media with their digital counterparts, e.g. a poster - a screen, a billboard - a LED screen, etc.

Of course, relating only to this general definition is a considerable simplification. It’s not only about changing the medium but also the way the content is distributed. And the digital signage software is responsible for that.

Digital signage can be referred to as a digital display device that allows you to broadcast messages in stores and shopping malls through advertising displays. Programming content can be modified according to the needs of the company and the time of day or month in which we are. It allows to prioritizing certain sales, products or services over others.

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All you need to start your screens is placed in one box. The hardware and software you purchased in our store is fully configured. The installation of a single set is as easy as a TV wall mount. You mount a screen in a chosen spot, plug player and everything is started automatically!

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